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Vero’s Journey

* BLOGS – In efforts to break the silence of domestic violence, “Vero” shares her most intimate stories of her personal experience with domestic violence, and what she is doing to help herself and others.

She believes the lack of awareness is the primary reason why so many people are suffering, why the government won’t instill stronger laws to protect our citizens, why domestic violence continues to take the lives of so many loved ones…help her build awareness and use your voice to join hers in breaking the silence!

* Photo Library of Vero as she proceeds with her mission to make a difference and keep families safer.


In the midst of nothing but ashes was a touch of purple fabric. When it was pulled out to see what it was, it turned out to be part of a t-shirt that a friend of Vero’s made for her in high school. The irony is that the only part of the t-shirt that didn’t burn was her name. In addition, purple just so happens to be the color that represents domestic violence. This symbolizes perfectly what happened that night…she is a survivor of domestic violence!