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Letter Campaign

This campaign is dedicated to strengthen victims’ rights and add the necessary laws to better protect our families from being victimized by domestic violence.

After several discussions with Texas Democratic HOR Rafael Anchia and his team, HB 825 (which will add stalking as a provision to obtain a protective order) has been submitted. The bill will be heard in the March legislative session of 2011 and Veronica will be giving her testimony before the Texas House of Representatives and Senate in hopes of providing convincing evidence that this is a much needed bill for the safety of our citizens.

With just a few minutes of your time you can help save the lives of many, most of all, help instill laws that can actually protect instead of forcing people to live in hiding and fear.

To find your House and Senate district representatives, please use this link. You may either mail in your letter or click on your representatives’ names and look for the link to send online:


Sample Letter:

Dear District Representative,

With the upcoming 2011 bill proposal submission, I am reaching out to you to enlist your support in the fight against domestic violence.

So many people no matter their heritage, culture or income are affected by domestic violence and help is limited. There are only 4 articles of code (56.02, 56.04, 56.07, 56.08) for victims’ rights yet volumes for the abusers. Because victims have very little rights; we have no real safe place to go. We have to learn to live in fear and hiding when our laws should be protecting us. many victims go through the pain of obtaining a protective order, but what kind of protection does it really offer? The first thing a victim is told is to sek a protective order; however, as soon as one is issued the victim is told it’s just a piece of paper.

This very serious issue raises some important questions regarding the enforcement of protective orders by local law enforcement entities. Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the citizens of this country have been asked to be more vigilant. If we see something suspicious, such as an unattended bag at the airport, we are supposed to alert the authorities. This is a sentiment that has been repeated by President Bush and President Obama, as well as countless local and state leaders, and local law enforcement officials from coast to coast. We have been told that keeping our eyes and ears open to the potential dangers around us is vital to preventing further violent attacks. So why should a domestic situation really be any different? If a person sees warning signs, and takes the nescessary steps to alert the proper authorities with evidence, then the law enforcement entity should take that threat of personal violence as serious as they would a threat of violence to our country. Are they not both forms of terrorism?

As a survivor/loved one of a survivor, my intentions are to:

– push for stronger laws for victims’ rights (i.e. protective orders, stalking, harassment, child protection)

– increase domestic violence training for police officers (i.e. enforcing protective orders, responding to 911 calls)

– push for zero tolerance on violations of protective orders

– ankle bracelets to be worn by known abusers with protective orders against them to easily track their where-abouts.

– request more funding for shelters and services for victims

Thank you and best regards,