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Happy Holidays or Not???

This is the special time of year when we get to give to our loved ones to show them how much we care. It is about family and friends celebrating the gift of life, love and togetherness in giving and not expecting to receive. Although there are moments of holiday stress in shopping and driving, most of us are enjoying the scrambling to find that perfect gift in order to see the surprised and happy looks on our loved ones faces. Some are attending parties or baking scrumptious goodies to share the spirit of the holidays.

Unfortunately, this is not what someone in an abusive relationship is experiencing. This is the time of year that many abused victims are more at risk of being hurt because of the holiday stress. Instead of looking forward to these happy times, they look forward to the passing of the holidays. Since abusers use power and control to dominate the relationships, many victims are not allowed to see their loved ones, much less buy gifts or even decorate their homes. They are walking on eggshells trying to avoid potential violent situations rather than enjoying the holiday season.

This holiday season, please take time to look around you and be thankful for the love that surrounds you. Most of all, say a prayer for those enduring the pain and suffering of abuse and that some day they will be able to smile and freely experience what the holidays are truly about. Especially for the children that are unable to laugh and sing for fear of upsetting their abusive parents.

Wishing you a blessed holiday…

About Vero

Born of German descent and adopted by a Mexican family, I am fluent in Spanish, but you would never guess until you heard me speak. Because of my unique background and upbringing, I am open-minded and embrace the Hispanic culture as part of who I am. Texas is where I was born and raised and would prefer not to live anywhere else unless it’s just where life takes me.

My faith is strong so I know that I am where the Lord needs me so I do the best I can and surround myself with as much positive energy to help lift me through the challenging times. As far as regrets, I only regret the decisions I didn't make when I had the opportunity. Therefore, I try to embrace life and the opportunities presented to me.

My family and friends are very important to me and I will go out of my way to give and help those I love or someone truly in need. I surround myself with positive and happy people because life is just too short to live any other way. I treat others how I want to be treated with respect, kindness, love, and most of all compassion. I use my life's experiences to help those less fortunate and I will not hesitate to do what I have to do for the greater good! I love animals and I don’t see myself living without a furry family because animals are nurturing for the soul.

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